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Professor of English Linguistics, Department of English Education, College of Education

Vice President, KOREA Association of English Teachers

Past President, Korea TESOL

Co-author of a Series of Task-based Interactive Conversation Textbooks & Teachers' Manuals
. New Tell Me More! Book 1 & 2 (2001)
. Tell Me More! (1998, 2000)
. Now You're Talking! (1998, 2000)
. The Way Ahead (1999, 2000)
Co-author of "Tell Me About It!" (1997)
Co-author of Real-life Role-Plays and Short Dramas for First Speaking  "What's New?"
Kyongbuk National University, Taegu, Korea: B.A.
Keimyung University, Taegu, Korea: M.A.
Keimyung University, Taegu, Korea: Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin-Madison, U. S. A.: Visiting Scholar, Department of Linguistics
University of Essex, U. K.: Fellow, Department of Linguistics
Chungang University, Korea: Visiting Professor

Andong National University

Department of English Education

Kyongbuk, Andong
Songchon-dong 388
Republic of Korea 760-749

Tel: +82 (054)820-5537
Fax: +82 (054)823-1624

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